Ransomware Report 2019 You Must Read Now

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In Technology News by FL Computer Tech


Stay informed about the imminent danger of Ransomware in 2019. 

Response Time is Crucial

By the time you realize you've been breached, it's too late.

Disaster Recovery Options

If Ransomware does penetrate your network, a solid disaster plan is essential.

Encryption Detection is Key

Ransomware protection looks for the first signs of encryption.

2019 11.5 Billion in Damages

Mobile malware, banking malware, and ransomware are the primary threats to expect in 2019.


Your FREE Report Includes:

  • Statistics from 2,400+ IT service providers (ITSPs) 
  • State of ransomware from the perspective of the ITSPs
  • Year-over-year trends
  • Frequency, targets, and impact statistics
  • Recovery and continuity recommendations

Submit your information below and get instant access to the Ransomware 2019 Report. Don’t delay, grab your free copy today!



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