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Raise the bar on your security with the power of @Microsoft security solutions, and lower your costs at the same time. Learn more about simplifying and fortifying with the expertise of @Microsoft security. Check it out!

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Microsoft Power Apps has got you covered. Whether you need to restore an old app version, update permissions, or manage security, this learning module can show you how. Manage your custom applications easily. Check out the learning module and get started today.

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Build your community and watch your apps grow. Join the Microsoft Power Apps community to meet thousands of Power Apps peers and professionals. Leverage support, discover valuable insights, and join the global discussion. Access hundreds of videos and blogs and get started today!

Glassybaby empowers Firstline Workers with Office 365

Glassybaby uses Office 365 from Microsoft to help their Firstline Workers spend less time on tedious work and more time connecting with each other and their customers. Scheduling is easier, communication is faster, and the employees work more efficiently. Their founder says it alleviates stress and brings joy. Learn how...

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