Cloud Workload Protection: How to Secure Workloads in Hybrid Clouds

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Scalable protection is a must for keeping hybrid cloud workloads secure. What does that look like? Read this VMware whitepaper to learn how to leverage your existing infrastructure to streamline security for your hybrid cloud workloads—all without the hassles you're used to. @VMware #security #hybridcloud

A hybrid cloud environment is flexible and scalable. At the same time, it’s complex and exposes organizations to cyber risks. This whitepaper from VMware reveals the keys to securing data infrastructure, including identifying unknown and undetected workload vulnerabilities, developing resilience and accelerated risk mitigation. Download the whitepaper, compliments of FL COMPUTER TECH.

View: Cloud Workload Protection: How to Secure Workloads in Hybrid Clouds

Michael Duff

Michael Duff

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