Cloud computing will be a gold mine in the post-COVID era

Many companies embraced change as the COVID-19 pandemic presented new challenges and continues to have a multi-sector impact on nations, businesses, and citizens. As cloud computing continues to grow, there are three major trends for the post-COVID era: cost optimization, containerization and serverless computing, and edge. The cloud is a...

Manage Financial Risk Guided Tour

Delays, constraints and disruptions are rampant in global supply chains. How can @Microsoft Dynamics 365 help optimize financial operations, mitigate financial risk and reduce fraud?? Take this guided tour.

VMware Global Security Insights Report

?How can you save your team the nightmare of a ransomware attack? This 2021 @VMware whitepaper offers insights on just how destructive they can be and how to defend against growing #cyberthreast. How can FL COMPUTER TECH help bolster your defenses? Consider sharing your wish list.

The Passwordless Future is Here for Your Microsoft Account

Ready for a passwordless future? Like ? this post if you'd like to free employees from the inconveniences of passwords and reap the benefits of Microsoft Security with FL COMPUTER TECH. Read this blog to see how employees can go passwordless in Microsoft accounts with a few quick clicks. #Passwordless...

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